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Why Choose Us

What makes robotics wizards unique?

  • The AI book covers 100% CBSE syllabus in supplement text book and interactive activities for better understanding of fundamental concepts.
  • The program follows the AIY(Artificial intelligent yourself) model, students learn about AI and implement it in their own lives.
  • Designed by Experienced academic and industry experts in AI domain.
  • Real life Case Studies and hands-on activities from some of the global companies like google, IBM, Microsoft etc.

What can we help you achieve?

  • Develop skills in popular AI & ML technologies and problem-solving methodologies.
  • Develop 10 mini-projects that will showcase the new skills acquired.
  • Learn to use popular AI powered tools like Python, Jupyter Notebook, IBM Cloud, OpenCV, Anaconda and many more.
  • Hands-on activity based experiential learning to create solutions with AI for social impact.
  • Experiences for exploring future career opportunities.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an overarching discipline that covers a broad range of domains and applications, and is expected to impact every field in the coming future. This curriculum focuses on building AI readiness in young minds.
Class VIII is being considered as the ideal level to introduce school students to AI as children are very inquisitive at this age. In class VIII this will be treated as a certification course while from class IX onwards it will be a regular subject.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an overarching discipline that covers a broad range of domains and applications, and is expected to impact every field of life in the coming times. Hence, schools should opt for it to make the students AI ready.
All CBSE schools are eligible to opt for the AI curriculum.
The curriculum will be available for all students of Class VIII and Class IX for the schools who opt for it.
Students should opt for this curriculum to become future ready and become at par with their counterparts at a global level. AI is a continually advancing and expanding field and AI readiness will lead to better opportunities, increased levels of understanding and being future ready. It will help them visualise jobs of the future and prepare for them.
There are no prerequisite qualifications to opt for AI as a subject. Anyone who is inquisitive and eager to learn about AI may opt for this subject and get acquainted with new AI concepts prevalent in the current times.
It is proposed that AI be introduced as part of the Skill Subjects
Yes. It involves a number of user friendly activities which can be adapted to the needs of differently abled students.
It will prove beneficial for the teachers by giving them an opportunity to advance their professional development with future technologies and help them better prepare their students for jobs of the future.

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